– DK General Construction & Roofing installs the highest quality commercial and residential roofs in the DFW area. Whether it is new construction, or the roof is being replaced through our certified storm restoration process, our customers receive the absolute best products; workmanship and our roofs are backed by the strongest warranties in the industry.

The roof is one of the most important components of a home or structure and it’s performance will only be as good as the components that comprise it. Unfortunately, a majority of roofing companies are willing to utilize subpar materials, cheap labor, incorrect installation procedures and, in many cases, will literally leave out certain components, in order to increase profit margins.

DK General Construction & Roofing has, and will always utilize the absolute highest standards regarding every aspect of every roof we install. We utilize the highest quality materials, purchased only from the most reputable supply houses in the country. Our project managers & roofing crews are the most professional and highly trained in the industry.

The wind & hailstorms that often hit the DFW area attract what we call “storm chasers” to the area every year. These roofing companies “pop-up” or come through just after a storm in order to take advantage of the community. They install sub-par roofs, issue bogus warranties and it has been proven that 90% of them leave the state or absolve their LLC within 8 months. DK General Construction & Roofing has been providing our customers in the DFW area with the highest quality products & services since 1998. We were here before and, “we will be here after the storm”.


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